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Making the Right Moves in a Thoughtful and Easy Way

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Senior Moving | Thoughtful Moving with Real T

The senior relocation process does not have to be a daunting one, especially if you’re in the care and service of people who want to help you.

Many people look at the idea of moving out of their house and selling it as a loss of independence. It’s a major objection. The caregivers know that it is time, and maybe even the homeowners have tossed it around here and there, but they refuse to lose their freedom. It’s completely understandable.

But what if selling the house you’re spending hours taking care of—or someone else is—actually led to more freedom? What if you could liberate yourself and begin to live your best life possible? What blueprint are you building for the upcoming years of your (or a loved one’s) life?

Real T Simplistic Senior Move Managers was created with you in mind. We work tirelessly to help our clients create their blueprint, the one that leads to increased freedom, increased enjoyment, and ultimately, increased independence. We strive, first and foremost, to ensure that our clients know how much we care for them—then we guide them through the entire process of their transition and get them settled nicely into their newest home with comfort and confidence. By taking clients through a detailed six step process we ensure the best possible outcome for all parties, providing the best possible care.



The Foundation is the most important aspect to Real T Simplistic—because it is here that we get to meet YOU. By meeting with clients and their families we dedicate ourselves to thoughtful conversations to help identify the best possible solution for the given situation. Then, it doesn’t stop: once identified, we make it our highest priority to make the path forward one that is clearly defined, easy to see, and simple enough to walk down.


The next step helps us build on our foundation:

• Here it is our joy to take a trip through memory lane with you as you show us around your house—“bragging on it,” of course.

• During this step we are ever increasing our awareness of who you are and what is the best fit for you in your next transition.


After we have gotten to know our clients and their family we have a much better picture of the plan we need to put together. By learning and deciphering your personal needs, even which personal belongings will move with you, we work to create a comfort in your new place. Through careful and insightful consideration we develop a compassionate plan to ensure the smoothest transition possible for you and your belongings.


Next comes the nitty-gritty. During The Equity step we are constantly working with you and for you to prepare you for your next adventure:

• By professionally analyzing and comparing your property to the market, we work to get you the most we can for your home.

• Right Moves Real Estate works to build on The Blueprint we’ve developed in step three and we tirelessly work to execute every detail of that blueprint for our clients.

• We take on the burden so you have less to worry about—except what’s next in your new freedom.


As the time approaches and your house has been sold, the new adventure begins! We carefully and meticulously handle everything during the move. Our goal is to provide you with the best transition into your comfortable new home—and you don’t have to lift a finger!


The last step is the icing on the cake. Through all the work we do up until this point in the process, the keys and connecting our clients with their new lives is the entire goal of Real T Simplistic. We strive to make you happy and comfortable through our thoughtful and easy process of transition.

We cannot begin to believe how hard of a decision selling the home you’ve lived in for decades must be. But we can empathize with you and we will work tirelessly to help you find enjoyment and independence. It’s hard to let go, but if you do we promise it’ll be worth it. It may not always feel good, but it could be necessary; if its necessary then it’s right. And, if it’s right that’s where we step in to make it a thoughtful and easy process to help guide you to live your best life possible.


About the Author

Kristyn Drury is the Co-Founder of Real T Simplistic, an Associate Broker, a Certified Senior Move Manager, and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Kristyn loves working with senior clients and their families to help them transition and meet their relocation goals.

Nicole Hyman is the Co-Founder of Real T Simplistic, a Realtor, a NASMM Certified Senior Move Manager, and a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Nicole enjoys working closely with seniors and their families to create a stress-free transition whether moving, downsizing or just decluttering.


Real T Simplistic Senior Move Managers is a team of experts helping seniors and their families to make "Thoughtful Moves." because moving a lifetime is always more than just a move. Real T assists with every aspect of senior transitions, from decluttering and rearranging to age in place, to downsizing or relocating to a smaller home or assisted living community. Real T prepares a personal moving plan for each client, their home and their possessions. Real T is also uniquely able to help with selling the family home, and buying or leasing a new place -- taking care of marketing the home, locating the best new home and all of the paperwork details in between.


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