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Trust the Real T Team for Thoughtful Moves and Attentive Move Management Services for Seniors

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Real T founders Kristyn Drury and Nicole Hyman specialize in creating customized moving plans for every client.  The Real T team manages every need, facilitating stress-free and thoughtful moves. Real T helps clients with moving, downsizing, selling their homes, decluttering before the move, or transitioning to a new space.


Personalized Service for a Simplistic Moving Experience

Kristyn and Nicole serve as the main points of contact for all clients. Seniors do not need to communicate with a vast team of individuals. Kristyn and Nicole handle every detail and  meet the unique needs of each client to ensure that every move is simplistic.

Michigan’s Certified Senior Move Managers

The National Association of Senior & Specialty Move Managers (NASMM) oversees the certification process required to earn the professional designation of a Senior Move Manager®. This certification requires a rigorous exam that measures every applicant’s knowledge about the unique issues faced by senior clients. Kristyn and Nicole hold this designation and exemplify the professional standards required of Senior Move Managers.


Your Local, Trusted Seniors Real Estate Specialist®

Both Kristyn and Nicole hold the designation of Seniors Real Estate Specialists. This real estate designation is facilitated through the National Association of REALTORS® and denotes expertise in managing senior clients' unique moving and real estate needs.


What are Thoughtful Moves?

Moves are never easy, and some moves can feel like a sad end. Real T Simplistic believes every move must be thoughtful, where the home, personal belongings, and clients are treated with care and respect. Every item holds meaning, every home evokes cherished memories, and every client has emotions related to letting go, moving forward, and finding happiness in a new place. We help every client find that happiness.

Real T Simplistic: How Real Estate Knowledge Moves Our Processes

Every company has a story, and every name pulls from a unique inspiration. The name Real T Simplistic emphasizes Kristyn and Nicole’s vast expertise in the real estate industry and integrates the belief that moving should be simple. 

Thoughtful moves for senior clients often involve real estate transactions by selling a current home and transitioning to a new home. The Real T Simplistic team understands that one of the greatest assets is a home, and this asset often helps cover the cost of a new house or to allocate for other needs.

Real T works one-on-one to help get the best price possible for their homes. Kristyn and Nicole collaborate with every client to compassionately manage the sale of a current home, helping them stage each room, pack up every belonging, and transition to their new place.


Nicole Hyman

Realtor, Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Certified Senior and Specialty Move Manager

After graduating college and navigating the world of parenthood with two active children, my background in social work left me yearning for a new adventure. That's when I decided to become a Realtor(r), merging my passion for art and architecture with my desire to help others.

However, I soon realized that simply facilitating real estate transactions wasn't enough to satisfy my desire to make a meaningful difference in people's lives. That's where my partnership with Kristyn came into play, and together, we embarked on this new journey.

Now, as a Certified Senior and Specialty Move Manager, I'm thrilled to be in a position where I can truly make a positive impact on my clients' lives. Guiding you through the emotional rollercoaster of downsizing and moving is not just a job to me—it's a heartfelt commitment. And trust me, while the process may be emotional, we'll infuse plenty of fun along the way!



P.S. I hate spreadsheets!


Kristyn Drury

Associate Broker, Senior Real Estate Specialist, Certified Senior and Specialty Move Manager

With a background in banking, I gained valuable financial and marketing expertise that paved the way for my successful journey in real estate. It was rewarding to be recognized as a Real Estate All-Star by Detroit Hour magazine and ranked in the Top 5% of Realtors® nationwide, several years in a row.

My transition to move management was driven by a genuine desire to better serve seniors and other specialized clients. Working closely with seniors has brought me countless fulfilling experiences that continue to inspire me every day.

Outside of work, you'll find me enjoying the beauty of Northern Michigan with my family and our three dogs (yes, I said three.) I'm excited about the opportunity to meet and work with you!

PS: I've got a spreadsheet for everything!



Move Manager

A former Detroit Public School teacher, Tami thrives working alongside her clients. When she's not perfecting the art of a move, she loves quality time with her family and nurturing her green thumb by rescuing dying plants. You'll frequently spot her either on the beach or conquering the ski slopes in Northern Michigan.



Move Manager

Former attorney, Carol finds joy in pickleball, cherished family moments, sailing, and exploring the world of real estate. Known for her meticulous attention to detail and collaborative spirit, she excels at orchestrating seamless transitions for our clients. Consider her our cherished drill sergeant, who keeps us all in line.




A connoisseur of art, design, and functionality, Melissa is not only a cat enthusiast but also generously allows her family to share her space. As our resident artist, she possesses a unique ability to transform any environment into a magical yet highly functional space.



Estate Sales Specialist

With a background as a retired global quality director, Dave excels in uncovering hidden treasures within clients' downsized possessions. When he's not curating estate sales, he indulges his passion for travel, and peruses antique and flea markets. As a connoisseur of all things Mid-Century, Dave brings a discerning eye and a wealth of expertise to every sale.



Move Manager & Social Worker

With an appreciation for the outdoors, Anke finds solace in nature alongside her passions for travel and quality time with loved ones. She offers a compassionate ear for those navigating life's challenges, ready to lend support in English or German! Whether you're overwhelmed by the move or simply seeking a friendly conversation, Anke is always ready to listen to your concerns.



Move Manager

A former elementary school teacher, Anne brings her nurturing spirit and love for learning to her work. When she's not helping her clients, you'll find her with her beloved dogs, hitting the gym for a workout, or simply enjoying quality time with her husband. With a genuine curiosity for people and their stories, Anne enjoys meeting new faces and discovering the unique journeys that shape their lives.



Move Manager

A retired advertising sales executive, with a passion for spending time with seniors, Erica believes an organized environment brings a sense of peace and calm. She loves spending time with her family, including her two Labrador Retrievers. There is a high likelihood that you will spot her on the golf course or hanging out on the water. She believes the more, the merrier, so don't be afraid to join her!



Community Outreach

All about making connections and spreading the word about Real T Simplistic. When Jean isn't busy championing our business, you'll likely spot her cheering enthusiastically (in those oh-so-embarrassing "mom" shirts) at her kids' sporting events. Yep, she's our biggest fan both on and off the field!

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