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Floor and Space Planning

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Kristyn Drury


Nicole Hyman


About This Service

Rely on us to meticulously measure your new space and the furniture you wish to relocate. Armed with this data, we craft a precise, to-scale floor plan that optimizes traffic flow and furniture arrangement. This visual tool empowers you to make informed decisions with confidence, ensuring that only the pieces you desire accompany you on your move. Our strategic space planning guarantees that every possession finds its place in your new home, promoting organization and expediting your settling-in process.

Benefits of Service

Our detailed space planning not only prevents the inconvenience of transporting furniture and possessions that won't fit but also identifies any additional furniture or storage solutions needed for your new space. By thoroughly assessing your requirements upfront, we save you valuable time during the unpacking process, ensuring a seamless transition into your new home.

Ultimately, floor planning facilitates a smoother transition into your new home by providing a clear roadmap for organizing and arranging your space. By having a detailed plan in place before moving day, you can hit the ground running and start settling in immediately.

Why Choose This Service

Facilitates a quicker sense of settlement in your new home.

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